Mission: to Help caregivers meet needs of aging relatives

Specific goals: Adult Child

  • Gain understanding of the aging experience of your parent
  • Initiate the conversation with your parent
  • Develop an effective action plan that is tailored to your parent's needs and that is doable  
  • Gain knowledge of a wide range of resources and services available in your community to your parent and caregivers 
  • Gain caregiver coping skills

Bottom line: Prepare to meet the needs of your Aging Relatives

Specific goals: Employer

  • Evaluate level of employee stress around aging relatives
  • Evaluate impact of stress on employee productivity
  • Evaluate managements' attitudes towards employees' need for eldercare
  • Evaluate employees' knowledge of aging services & resources
  • Guide employees through steps to be considered in order to be ready to step in when aging relatives need assistance 

Bottom line: Build on your Eldercare Culture