Consultation: How it works

1. Set Up Consultation


If you are in the situation where you are starting to get worried about your parent's well-being, the time to act is now. 

Send a message through the CONTACT tab (located in the navigation bar), and briefly describe your situation. 

After a brief phone conversation, we will determine if we should set up a meeting to discuss your concerns in depth and develop an action plan. 

2. Meet To Discuss Your Concerns


It is advised that you meet on your own, without any parent as this provides an opportunity for a more direct conversation.  

In order to fit the needs of your busy schedule, the meeting takes place online. If you prefer, we can also meet in person.

3. Develop An Action Plan


A thorough assessment will be done:

  • Your parent's current situation
  • Your major concerns 
  • Level of conversation (if any) you've had with your parent
  • Your expectations for the future / your role / roles of other family members
  • Develop an action plan based on current and future needs

The overall goal is to determine strengths within your family and how to best put them to use in order to ensure your parent's needs and wishes are met. 



Individual consultation


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